Monday, April 12, 2010


So I thought I'd just post a bit about why I am starting this blog.  I've had a big interest in health and nutrition for a while now, sometimes crossing the boundary to obsession.  Looking at my lifestyle you probably wouldn't guess it, because my interest and efforts tends to come in all or nothing bursts.  I try to give up every single bad habit I have and eat a completely clean diet, then crash and live off frozen pizzas and soft drinks.  My idea of what a "clean diet" is happens to change completely on each new health kick, but always ends at some point.

Here I want to explore different ideas that I learn about health, not limited to nutrition but everything this term encompasses.  I want to find what works for me, while allowing myself to make mistakes and be human.  No extreme diets that make socializing impossible, no guilt about food, and nothing that makes me feel like I'm making a huge sacrifice that I can't life with.

I'm not an expert on anything, and won't pretend to be.  I'm just extremely interested in health and want to learn how to make changes in my life without becoming neurotic and obsessive in the process.

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